Love. All you need to know about love

In human life, rationally, many times we wonder “why is love so important”.

Well, scientifically, the answer is very sweet and it won’t leave you indifferent:

Neuroscientists advances say the bond between a mother and her baby is a complex network of neural, hormonal, psychological and social factors.

According the spanish neonatologist Adolfo Gomez Papí says, at birth we only have 25% of the brain size developed. The other 75% of the size develops over the next 2 or 3 years. This means the basic brain structures are formed in 3 years, on human life.

Of course, nutrition and genes influence this neuronal formation, but especially: the bond with mother (or primary caregiver).

The spanish psychiatrist Enrique García Bernardo says the baby receives important emotional information from his/her mother, which is Love (caresses, words, smiles, songs…). The mother empathizes with her son/daughter. Imagine a sweet mother calming her baby in her valuable arms.

Love is understanding. Love is comforting. Love is smiling and laughing in front of life. Only with love a human can be healthy, ie developed. Because without mother’s love , children’s brains can’t make neuronal connections.

There is an emotional exchange between the right cerebral hemisphere of mother and son/daughter, as says Allan Schore from Departament of Psychiatry of University of California, LA, USA,  and this is because in children predominates right cerebral hemisphere, which governs emotions.

So this is the natural way: emotions.

Additionally, in the first year of human life, a neuronal prunning happens, because the brain wants to economy its resources and prunes the least used neuronal connections. So if the attachment to the mother was safe, its connection will continue, but if not, it won’t.

Let’s think: if mother gives love, there are emotions. If there are emotions is born attachment. From attachment goes security to face the world, and interact with others. This is: “They comfort me when I’m wrong, maybe I don’t have to fear the world”.

2 keys: comfort and welfare.

Children who lived an insecure attachment to their mother, based on negligence and abuse, have more risk of suffer depression, anxiety or personality disorders on their adulthood.

That’s related to the ability of handing stress in life. Michael Meanes, psychiatrist of Montreal, Canadá,  made an experiment whose result was that persons who had good maternal care, secreted less cortisol (stress hormone), ie they have less stress reactivity.

Also it have studied the influence of the maternal bond in the hippocampus, on 2012 at University of Washington, San Luis, USA, and the result was that children who received an adequate support from their mother had 9,2% greater hippocampus than children who had not.

Think that the first person with whom we interact is our mother. This is why she is a model, a general template or base of interpersonal relationship. The relationship we had with our mother will condition subconsciuosly in our relationship with the world and others.

Therefore the mother is the symbol of love, and love was the symbol of sex: making love = making a baby. At present, sex doesn’t represent love anymore because of the masive sexualization campaign to the human population.

All that is created, all that born comes from emotions, and destruction is the lack of them. To feel, we need a brain developed into that.

The spirit is related to the emotional capacity, so deny love or mistreat a child means to kill his inocent spirit, his divinity. This child can’t be aware, can’t feel adequately, and can’t be ‘good’ or ‘normal’ person. He/she can’t fit to the world. He/she is a misfit.

Giving love to a child means paying attention to him/her, and for that TIME is required. This world consumes our time… This ‘world’ feeds on that.

I remember my mother playing with me, listening to me, comforting me… She always explained me the ‘why’ of everything. She was always smiling to me. She was fascinated by my drawings and all I was doing or learning.

The Love of my mother has been the most important of my life.

Dude, the love of my mother is what I am today.

This is why “all you need is love”. 



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