Two kids sleeping on the floor of the street. It’s an extreme example of the family neglect

Can the family neglect destroy psychologically a person?

What is the behavior of a person psychologically destroyed?

According to a study conducted in 2002 at the University of Málaga (Spain) on The psychological impact of family neglect in a group of children, family neglect, completely paralyzes and delays the psyche of children.

Negligence means indifference. When a human being manifests indifference to another human being, makes an impression on his mind, and if this indifference is prolonged, it causes a psychological and social consequences eventually. This is intensified when the person suffering the indifference of others is a child.

The mind of a child is very tender, soft, premature. The mind of a child is very malleable, and what the cast, in this world, is his environment. His closest and most influential environment is the family. What a child lives in their home is his personality mold. The home environment is the recipient of the human psyche maturing.

Previous stTrabajo-infantiludies reveal:

Abandoned children present more problems ,and more severe, between 5 and 6 years old.

 – These children have lower cognitive performance, are anxious, distracted, unmotivated, can’t do their homework without help from the teacher, are socially withdrawn, dependent and have a permanent state of anger.

 – Abandoned children physically present externalizing behaviors such as aggression, hyperactivity and distractibility, while physically abused children exhibit internalizing behaviors such as anxiety, obsession compulsion, inhibition, unpopularity and destruction.

The family neglect destabilizes the policy development in the cognitive, linguistic and social levels, causing fear and anxiety in children from any everyday situation, even if it was positive.

Abused children have a delayed cognitive development and academic performance.

The family neglect progressively develops chronic states of sadness and anxiety, feelings of inferiority and low self esteem.

The study by the University of Málaga (Spain), reveals that children who were victims of serious family neglect manifest lower overall adaptation, and lower academic performance against children who suffered slight negligence.

In addition, these children have a poorer general adaptive characteristics, they work and learn less, they are less happy and behave inappropriately. They live in a world far removed from reality, they don’t know how to behave socially for acceptance of others, they aren’t adapted to correct situations outside their family. These children are rejected by their high levels of unpopularity, hyperactivity, pre-delinquent behavior and hardness in his personality.
So, children who suffered serious family neglect manifest very different pathological behaviors as criminal behavior, hardness, hyperactivity, unpopularity and externalizing behaviors.   violencia%20infantil4

There is no doubt that family neglect is the most serious, because socially and humanly it’s the most damaging.

Children are people in society. These people grow up and become who their experiences have taught them to be.

A child always needs someone to teach him, someone who is at his side, not only to protect him from everything, because overprotect is bad too, but to be heard. Humans are social beings, ie, they need social relations to develop and live. If a small human is deprived of that, he can’t develop, and he will be deficient in many respects.

Take care of your children.

They are a treasure.



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