You should know what you’re falling for

“This isn’t real. You’re not real. You‘re nobody. Your thoughts aren’t true. Your understanding isn’t correct, because it’s based on something that doesn’t exist. You have nothing. What you see is only a scene without meaning. Nothing around you have meaning. The countries don’t exist. The laws either. The information is untrue, it’s not information.”

But…Why put all that in this book? Alicia thought and continued reading.

“Because freedom doesn’t exist. Because there are only feelings, and you, soul, for some mysterious reason you’re here, now, totally alone with them. So they are all you should care. So vibrate, without being bad, without being good, as hard as you can, through your feelings, and maybe, you will return to your origin.

But never, never give up.

Matter is just matter.”

…the soul is everything – Alice said closing the book.



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