Earlier in PONEROLOGY: A BRIEF INTRODUCTION we had exposed the concept and theory of Ponerology, by Lobaczewski.

Ted Bundy
The serial killer Ted Bundy

The author says that evil is similar in nature to the disease, although this is more complex and elusive to our understanding. Its genesis reveals many pathological factors; especially psychopathological, in character, whose essence, medicine and psychology have already studied. Understanding the essence and genesis of evil generally uses information from biology, medicine and psychology. Only a philosophical reflection is clearly insufficient.

On the base of the theory of Ponerology, psychopathy (“essential psychopathy” according Lobacweski) is located.

Surely many of you have heard about this personality disorder, since it’ very fashionable “by chance”. Psychopathy is generally characterized by the uncontrolled impulsivity and inability to feel emotion and empathy of a human being. From that lack of control and inability is generated the next psychological/behavioral profile :

1. Superficiality

1.1. Lie

2. Eccentricity and grandeur

3. Lack of empathy

3.1.Lack of remorse / guilt

4. Impulsivity

4.1.Descontrol of behavior

5. Need for excitement

6. Lack of accountability

7. Behavioral problems in childhood

7.1. Adult antisocial behavior

Sounds it familiar?

A psychopath is usually a charming, trickster person who poses him/herself as important and talented. This is how he / she gains the trust of the people, to try becoming them dependent on him / her, and so exploit their weaknesses to manipulate for him/her advantage; usually through the scam, abuse and blackmail. This kind of person likes to get into very large, colorful and outlandish projects, both in normal life and the criminal life.

The causes of psychopathy are 3 types:

Limbic System A) Organic: when the brain has injuries, which have directly affected the limbic system (manages physiological responses to emotional stimuli) and caused the person has undergone a personality disorder

B) Genetic: when the person manifests antisocial and deviant behavior at an early age (childhood), without having suffered any brain injury directly above, and living in a normal social environment. Ie, the person is born with this problem because it’s genetically originated

C) Social: when the person grows and develops in abnormal social environment, Limbic Systemviolento, criminal and / or is mistreated repeatedly and his/her psyche “learns” the disorder, assimilating it

The psychopath is born and made.

Objectively, in fact, the problem is always organic, because if the individual is born with the problem he suffers a brain defect or deficiency (instead of injury). And if the individual develops the disorder because of their social environment, brain has developed this deficiency.

The brain is the computer of our mind and body, so whenever there is a mental, psychological or physical problem, the answer is in the brain, and genetics because it is their language.

Lobaczewski disagree with that psychopathy is caused by damage or deficiency in the front of the brain, he calls it front characteropathy“.

The author discusses the characteropathies” in the explanation of Evil.

A characteropathy is a pathological entity associated with a particular character trait that invades the conduct of the person beyond his will, and hinders their social adaptation, capacity building, relationships

The serial killer Andrei Chikatilo
The serial killer Andrei Chikatilo

The brain matter retains unblemished natural and instinctive emotional responses of our species. This includes, for example, the ability to form emotional ties with others and empathize, ie what Lobaczewski called intuit a psychological situation. However, characteropathic thought processes differ, and are characterized by increased emotional violence and pathological egotism. His conceit and self-importance narcissistic and irregular psychology have a traumatizing effect on normal people, diminishing much common sense of his victims to the point they where infected with pathological thinking. The younger or more naive individuals, can be transmitted more easily these traits.

The characteropathies make mental disorders and personality disorders, and the author stresses that these are the core of evil in humanity.

Specifically, hereditary or acquired psychological disorders and ignorance of their existence and nature are the primary causes of evil. The magic number of 6% seems to represent the number of human carriers of genes responsible for biological, or who acquire such disorders in the course of his life evil.

This small percentage is responsible for the vast majority of human misery and crime, and infect others with their flawed worldview.

Adolf Hitler & Iósif Vissariónovich Stalin
Adolf Hitler & Iósif Vissariónovich Stalin

The spread of evil doesn’t respect any limits of race, creed or ideology. All races carry the genes, and all schools of thought are susceptible to their influence. These pathological factors form a complex network. Only within this network can be understood the “bad environment where all circumstances can influence a normal person to commit harmful acts.

We must always remember that the environment in which develops and lives a person is essential about is/her behavior, thinking and personal resources.

According to the author, there are a deforming tendencies of reality that help Evil triumphs among us:

1. Emotional reactions: often little appropriate

2. Moralizing interpretation: we make moral judgments, as if our thinking were the best

3. Interpretation corrective christic: its richer psychological worldview, normal people often trivialize glaring errors and project their own understanding of the work of someone who lacks such skills

4. Reflection of self-protection: we identify quickly as a threat to others and apply a moral judgment

5. Normal Psychological Types

6. Lack of universality: we live our lives with only emotional thinking and the pursuit of happiness, but these tools are insufficient when we’re dealing with psychopathology

7. Egotism and natural worldview: some people with a highly developed natural vision of psychological, social and moral aspects tend to overvalue their own worldview, seeing it as an objective basis for judging others. While this is the least pernicious form of egotism, based on humanistic principles, the refusal to admit the possibility of error can have an oppressive effect on contractionary measures against macrosocial disease. The game

But, I always end up wondering: what is the reality?

Lobacweski explains Histerodial cycle of human society:

The key is in the “pursuit of happiness” of the human being from the beginning of time. Humans began to exploit animals and their environment, and then to their human companions. They were the seeds of suffering and inequality, so good times became bad. The issue is that knowledge learned in bad times leads to the creation of good times again, and the cycle is repeated.

When times are good, the perception of truth, understanding what a healthy human personality and its dynamics, ceases to be the highest priority, then it ceases to be understood and finally disappears. So the search for truth is considered a pointless activity for the same reason that they are “good times”. A deep understanding can become “old fashioned” or even can be neglected.

This is what is happening, and that’s very dangerous.

In the genesis of Evil the most important cause is the interaction of two human factors:

a) Normal human ignorance and weakness

b) The existence and action of a small but extremely active group of psychologically deviant individuals

The ignorance of the existence of such psychological differences is the first ponerogenesis criterion because this ignorance creates a crack through which such individuals can act unnoticed.

A very interesting science, right?

And decisive.


“El narcisismo y psicopatía: las causas del mal en el mundo”

“Ponerología Política: Una ciencia sobre la naturaleza del mal adaptada a propósitos políticos”

“Ponerología: la búsqueda de la semilla del mal”



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