What’s “Criminogenesis”?
It’s the explanation of the cause, the reason wich a delinquent had to commit crimes.
How to know that causes? Through the study of his/her life history, from where go:
A) Basic psychological profile/individual
B) Ambiental influence/sociogenesis

But, what’s the nature of this causes? Basically, they have genetic nature, ie, the subject has a certain psychological profile made by his genetic. They are also surronded by environmental stimuli, wich may trigger a criminal behavior. The criminogenesis studies both the characteristics and the intensity of the criminal conduct, considering 3 personality elements:

1. Inherited –> temperament
2. Learned –> character
3. Habitat –> environment

There is a set of general factors:

a) Causal
b) Criminogenic index
c) Criminogenic incentive: It’s the reason, the impulse to commit crimes
d) Criminogenic cause: why

There is a set of the specific Crimimogenic Factors:
There are 2 parts:
*-Internal –> Endogenous –> Genes
*-External –> Exogenous –> Education and environment
So they are:

What’s “Criminodinamic”?
It’s the further study of the process that the subject followed until complete the criminal conduct. Obviously, first we have to determine the criminogenesis.



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