Vincent Cacciotti: surrealism and fantasy

There is an american contemporary/surrealist artist whose work I really love. He is Vincent Cacciotti, who studied at the Art Students League in New York and The California Art Institute in Westlake , CA. He started painting as a child.

 Here I show you a short presentation of his paintings , but I recommend to visit his website. You can buy his paintings.

Don’t wake up

It’s a cloudy day. I see the city from the sky, and I’m flying, but I don’t feel my body.
I don’t know that city and I don’t know that landscape. Suddenly I find myself in a building, and I’m looking out the window.
I see in the distance a plane flying very low, and I scream because that plane falls very close to my building, but my shout isn’t heard.

I instinctively jumped back, but I just know because I see it, I really don’t feel my body. I only feel my intense emotions and all the fear and the desire to survive that I can hold inside.
The building leans to one side, and begins to fall. I see it fall, and I can’t go out and fly. I can only see my mobile phone. I pick it up and try to call someone. I think about goodbye . “No need to keep fighting, you know …”. I keep trying to move in and leave the building.

Suddenly I appear in the streets of another city. People are dressed from another era, perhaps 1940 or earlier.

imageMy mother is with me, and I’m totally confused. I ask her what are we doing there. She says me we are shopping. But, we’re not talking in words. We walked into a store. We are in a hurry.

What a paradox pretend survive without body.

That‘s why they are called nightmares” because you feel the same as having body. You don’t feel free.

But … Nightmares are just a dream, because life is too.

It’s time to run.

You should know what you’re falling for

“This isn’t real. You’re not real. You‘re nobody. Your thoughts aren’t true. Your understanding isn’t correct, because it’s based on something that doesn’t exist. You have nothing. What you see is only a scene without meaning. Nothing around you have meaning. The countries don’t exist. The laws either. The information is untrue, it’s not information.”

But…Why put all that in this book? Alicia thought and continued reading.

“Because freedom doesn’t exist. Because there are only feelings, and you, soul, for some mysterious reason you’re here, now, totally alone with them. So they are all you should care. So vibrate, without being bad, without being good, as hard as you can, through your feelings, and maybe, you will return to your origin.

But never, never give up.

Matter is just matter.”

…the soul is everything – Alice said closing the book.

I want to be in you

I thought you were smart like your father. He is I, because we are one. So you can’t say me No. Don’t you dare… Don’t try.That thing

Let me in. Surrender to me. I’m God. I control the Earth. You owe me awe like all the humans. I’ll That thinggive you knowledge.

There is a flash of light. Alice falls, adn that thing dissappears.

Alice… Are you okay? It’s already 8:00… Come on – says her mother sitting on the edge of her bed and stroking her. Alice touchs her face.

Yes, I’m fine…

When her mother leaves the room, looking at the table, Alice sees a black stone. She catches it and burns her fingers dropping the stone. She looks up and sees her father looking at her from the doorway, smiling, and with those big black eyes, like that thing.Alice

Now you fear the monster, child?

She jumps out of bed, rubs her eyes, and when she turns to look out the door, no one is there. She goes into the kitchen and asks her father, who is drinking coffee:

Dad, do you hate me?

Her father looks stunned, crouches

Alice, God… What do you say?


Of course I don’t hate you. I can’t. You are my daughter. My sweet daughter from the sky…

Daddy hugs Alice.

So I only had a bad dream ¿right? – says Alice smiling.

Daddy smiles.

Closed eyes just see

Alice ran around happily disposed

with eyes closed she ran,

Alice didn’t know yet what’s to be depressed

Her mom chased her

laughing and wanting her hug,

but Alice, with eyes closed vas dreaming

faster and faster she ran.

On the other side was her father,

who quickly catched her,

and Alice opened her eyes,

saying she monster don’t fear.

“Do you not fear the monster?,

he can eat you, Alice,

you have to hold his hand

if you want live in peace”.

“Dad, I want to live in peace,

but the monster is so bad.

He says that my life has a price,

but, I swear I feel my life too nice”.

Alice ran away from his father’s arms,

and continued running around with her closed eyes,

seeing through her dreams how to herself realize.

By: AsgardianWriter

(c)2014 . All rights reserved